क्या आपकी नौकरी ख़तरे में है ? | Is Your Job In Danger ?


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30 Year ago we all have seen there were so many factories where so many people used to work. Then some machine came which were operated by human then some people lost their jobs due to these machines and after some years machines came with fully automated system and again so many people lost their jobs who were working in these factories. What you got here. When people were doing a regular work again and again their work was replaced by some smart machines and it will continue in future also. You can see how Artificial Intelligence, Computerization and Digitization is taking place everywhere and it is reducing human involvement in the work and people are continuously loosing their jobs and it will go on in future also. So Big question is What Is Solution ? We can not stop all these technologies to work. Only we can do one thing if we are starting some carrier or started but in very initial stage then think about the factor that is your work is very regular or is there any human mind involvement. If your work has a human mind involvement then its OK, you will survive. But if you are doing a regular work daily and it is all same type then you have to think about this. YOUR JOB IS AT RISK.


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